Poet in da Corner review

From the seminal album that shaped parts of a 100,000 teenage-hoods “Boy in da Corner” comes “Poet in the Corner” by performance poet and Grime artist/exponent “Debris Stevenson”. Hailing from a Mormon family in London’s Seven Kings, she has taken her story to the stage at the Royal Court, and with artists in the audience like “The Grime Violinist”, “Julie Adenuga” & “Inua Ellams” a whole new, diverse audience.

The Royal Court’s intimate space was a great setting for the play, particularly the party scene which I loved. Having one of the cast appear from the audience (MC Jammz) questioning Debris authenticity and/or misappropriation was a really interesting touch, that impressed me.   Debris suffered mic issues in the middle of the play, but the professionalism of actors on stage made the transition to a hand mic simple and pretty seamless.  This didn’t dampen her performance, especially her rapping.  She was only overshadowed by  “Cassie Clare” (who played the Mum, the DJ and school associates) who had a great comedy presence and switched between roles with the ease of a season pro.

I would 100% recommend seeing this play. It’s a great introduction relevant to younger, potentially first-time theatre-goers