Pink Pantheress is a young star from London, still only a University student and she has already scored a top 40 hit in the UK charts. The latest single ‘Just For Me’ has become viral on Tik Tok, the sound has been used over 800,000 times. This shows the track is spreading rapidly and continues to grow every day on the platform.

Recently the star has been signed by Parlophone Records on Warner Music, at the young age of 19. During the first week of the track being released the song was streamed over 10 million times on Spotify, performing much better than expected. The catchy song uses a blend of 90s garage, leaving us feeling nostalgic about Craig David and Sweet Female Attitude. The catchy track is perfect to get you moving with its catchy nature, lyrics such as ‘Do you wipe them just for me? (me, me, me, me), I’m pleading on my knees (Knees, knees, knees, knees, knees) have turned into dance trends. The futuristic sounds have helped form her own unique sound.

The star has mentioned she wants to keep her identity secret for now and is not focused on being in the limelight as she is still figuring out if music is the right path or University. The latest track was created whilst she was staying up until 3am at her London university halls (BBC News, 2021).


Listen to the track below: