South London RnB artist Ojerime is a talented musician who has continually created spectacular music. Ojerime’s 2020 album ‘B4 I breakdown’ deserves multiple accolades. The song ‘Give it Up 2 Me’ has been released as remixes recently.

Ojerime’s songs sound like an ode to the 90s area, drawing the likes of SWV, Brandy and Aaliyah.  ‘Give It Up 2 Me’ is an ode to that era. Her soft and sweet light airy voice creates this effect.

I found her music during the first lockdown as I was looking for something new to listen to. I came across Ojerime’s ‘4U’ album, being instantly entranced with her sounds and voice.

The song ‘Give It All 2 Me’ is a unique and special masterpiece, about weed and mental health, with a Melodic ethereal beat and voice. ‘B4 I Breakdown’ is a culmination of the multitude of emotions Ojerime has been experiencing since 2018, where she openly talks about her mental health.

Ojerime talks about the prejudices dark skinned black women recurve in the music industry, which has been known for being colourist, making it harder to her and others gain success for dark skin woman.

I am looking forward to seeing Ojerime gained even more success in 2022. You can find Ojermie ‘Give It Up 2 Me’ on Spotify here.