This London based band is fronted by Reva Gauntlett and Sarah Nimmo. The 5 piece band has been making big strides this last year, and were even shortlisted for MTV’s Brand New 2016! The banddownload signed with Columbia in 2014 and since released multiple singles, as well as, performing alongside Years and Years.

I was a bit sceptical at first, but, after listening to them I decided that I really enjoy their electro-pop sound. They’re similar to The XX, but with a more upbeat and outgoing. I really enjoy the unique sound that they create in their songs, especially paired with Guantlett and Nimmo’s beautifully paired voices, producing a melodic sound. Their music speaks about their lives and youth, as well as their relationships, making them relatable to all audiences.

Overall, I really like their music, especially, ‘Dilute This‘ and ‘Others‘. I think that they have bright future ahead of them, and hope they continue to make amazing music.