Netflix Vs. TV

New data from Ofcom has shown online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube have more subscribers than your traditional TV services in the UK such as BT, Sky and, Virgin.


The number of hours spent watching traditional TV schedules continued to drop. Teenagers and young people now watch around 40% less than they did seven years ago. This is proving more effective as most people have smartphones (even 10 year – olds! Bye Bye to playing on your Gameboy/Nintendo afterschool) allowing the quick accessibility of watching anything you want, wherever you are, at any time. The future of traditional Television is looking bleak…


Nearly 40% of UK households now subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime or Now TV. The 15.4 million subscriptions have now passed the 15.1 million who pay for Sky, BT, Virgin and other satellite providers.

With YouTube, it not is a platform for TV shows, films, live sports and news coverage but recently they have added a YouTube Music feature (similar to Spotify’s monthly payment scheme. In addition to this, the power to create your own content and create a huge sustainable fan base for content creators has become incredibly attractive to young creatives (be it make-up artist, gamers or vloggers).


I think overall it comes down to the accessibility of the online streaming services, having them a click away whenever you want is satisfying in relation to a schedule and only being able to watch certain shows if you have a TV.


“I live in a flat where we don’t have a TV but my housemates and I have a laptop each, meaning we have really easy access to Netflix, on-demand websites and, YouTube. We don’t feel like we miss out on anything and it means we end up spending more time chatting than being glued to a tv screen!” – Alysha, 22