Nayana is a 19 year old singer, songwriter who was born and raised in North London. She has been releasing songs for the last 2 years and it has been just over a month since latest single ‘Drowning’ was made available. A somber alternative R&B, soul track, Nayana says her latest song is a personal reminder to herself to keep going even when her emotions overwhelm her.  

The track maintains a minimal approach throughout the song, giving you time to concentrate on the details. The production is clean and feels very purposeful, with the down-tempo beat and a jazz-style guitar motif which recurs throughout the track. Nayana’s vocals continue to enchant the listener throughout the song, and are elevated by light harmonies throughout.

The video, made by @rojal_jerome, matches the tone of the song effortlessly. We focus on Nayana throughout as she tells her story. The camera cuts between different angles in/around the car with low-light shots which compliment the song well.

You can find the song here !!