The Music Week Awards are the UK’s only music awards to encompass the various different parts of the industry – labels, publishing, retail, A&R, live, marketing, PR and radio. The night is a celebration of the best in the music business and it really felt like it, the room was flooded with ambitious, hard working and inspirational people from a variety of companies. 

Earlier in the year Small Green Shoots got confirmed as Music Week Awards charity partner for 2022 and the moment we found out is such a perfect encapsulation of our reaction that we had to include it in our magazine! Building up to and prepping for last night was a fun journey and seeing it all come together was really something else. From the set-up to the ceremony it was an amazing experience that I’m really grateful I got the chance to attend and work.

To kick off the show we all went up on stage, following Nats to join the group of dancers already up there and assembling behind her as she got started. Going up on stage was a bit nerve-wracking but looking out into the crowd was unreal, making it all the more impressive when Nats, Erin and Isaiah each took to the mic. Just like Nats inspired me at the beginning of this journey, later in the night I would get into conversation with someone who felt the same after hearing her speech which was awesome to hear. 

A large part of my night involved shadowing photographer Will Ireland and assisting in finding certain people who needed to be captured which ended up being quite fun as I got a nice little tour of the different tables, seeing loads of different people and getting an idea of how to go about such a task. 

The entire ceremony was fantastic as a whole, Munya was a great host who kept making me laugh, the music selection was on point and hearing from all the different professionals was really inspiring. A massive thank you to Music Week for giving me the opportunity both to witness and help out with such a seminal night! Thank you for recognising Small Green Shoots’ impact, selecting us to be charity partner and allowing us the platform to spread awareness of and increase support for our cause. Big congratulations to all of last night’s winners and nominees as well for all the work they’ve done leading up to and during last year, very well deserved!

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