MoStack is back with new summer single “Ride”!

British rapper ‘MoStack’ has returned to take centre stage at the Wat Tyler estate (Powell, 2021) in his new music video for the single ‘Ride’. MoStack is known best for rapping about his hard-hitting life experiences. His comical take on life’s struggles brings a sense of realism to his music which his audience are captivated by.


The North London freestyler’s return to music has not gone unnoticed, with his audience arising from as early as 2014, when he first began to freestyle on SBTV, his Fire In The Booth, and his single “No Buddy” was released (Genius, 2021). With “Ride” amassing almost 700,000 streams on Spotify, over 800,000 views on YouTube, with his music video trending at number 17 for music, this has proven to be a summer tune to remember. The artist has made it clear that he does not partake in interviews, due to his autism, however, he mentions that everything you’ll need to know about him is in his music (Genius, 2021).



The “Ride” that this track takes you on is one of a kind, with various light-hearted lyrics and an upbeat flow blending with the artist’s view on loyalty. His past experiences relating to this track correlate with the theme of the music video, of him being on his home turf with his loyal crew. With his music voicing relatable issues among his fans, the responses under his YouTube music video have been extremely heartfelt with fans expressing how the song brought them to tears, and others jumping for joy that he is now back releasing music (YouTube, 2021).