Mercury Music Awards 2016

This year’s Mercury Music Awards is fast approaching and, boy is, this years ‘Album of the Year’ nominees a close call. With two of the most influential Grime MC’s Skepta and Kano up against each other alongside the late-great David Bowe and The 1975, it’s hard to predict who’ll walk away as this Album of the years’ winner.

Seeing as Grime is taking over the UKs music scene, we over at Small Green Shoots think it’s in the bag for either Skepta or Kano. Some of this year’s leading music festivals such as Wireless, LoveBox, Leeds & Reading and much more had artists such as Stormzy, Giggs, Kano, Skepta & Boy Better Know, Lady Leshur and much more headlining their main stages. Who’s to say they aren’t strong competitors?

With Kano’s Made In The Manor album spending 7 weeks in the top 40 official charts and 23 weeks in the top 75 charts, and Skepta’s Konichiwa album spending 9 weeks in the 40 official charts and 21 weeks in the top 75 charts, we think they’re in for a good chance. However, David Bowe’s album/s has spent 476 weeks in the top 75 charts and 344 weeks in the top 40 and as they say, numbers don’t lie.

Although Grime is finally gaining the recognition it deserves, looking at these number, it looks as though David Bowe will be crowned this year’s winner.