Memo’s Of The Mind


Memo’s Of The Mind, a mental health awareness campaign put together by the Arts Council, Opal Arts and Curve.

The theme for the day was bringing awareness to mental health and breaking the barriers around it. From 12pm till 5pm there were various workshops scattered all around the Curve Theatre in Leicester, this included special guest DJ’s, Street Dancers, Sports Community Centres, Graffiti Corner and a fitness workshop to get people engaged and active. This proved to be a success as the turnout was not only a lot of people but there was a real community feel and everyone was really welcoming, From 5pm to 6pm a Q&A discussion panel was held for industry professionals of various fields to discuss mental health and the importance of the workshops.

Finally, 6pm onwards the concert room filled up with amazingly talented artists from poets and singers, to drummers and guitarists hosted by London Hip Hop legend Rodney P and to put the icing on the cake a special guest performance from Cadet an upcoming hip hop MC whos featured on GRM Daily, Link Up TV and on average smashes about 1 million views on his videos.

Overall, I loved the event and the message behind it. It is important that we break down these barriers, which we started by having all types of people that wouldn’t normally be in one place had a chance to talk to one another. What was great about the event is the workshops throughout the day and getting to know people then finally closing the event with amazing artists performing.