See us is a perfect example of making some good out of a bad situation and MEI has executed this to the tea. Making use of her time with limited resources creating the entire music video with her sister Danielle Welbeck and an iPhone and showing everyone how to vibe through lockdown.

The song itself is a great blend of smooth pop with hard hitting R&B vocals just the kind of music that you would here either relaxing from the comfort of your home or out and about in your local shopping mall. The message behind the lyrics of the song state “We gon make them see us” this is talking in reference to rising up as a proud black woman trying to break free and make a name for herself. MEI has had great success in the past of course as well with singles like “I Don’t Know What’s Next”, “Blissfully Unaware” and “Fall Down”. So we have no doubt that MEI is destined for great things .We have no doubt MEI has an exciting and successful future in the music industry.

See Us is available to stream on iTunes, YouTube Music, Tidal & Spotify.