Hi, I’m Olivia McKenzie-Campbell and I am an Events Assistant.
This is how my first week has been.

What have you liked about your first week at SGS?

What i’ve liked about my first week at SGS, is that everyone has been very welcoming and i’ve been able to get on with work that has been given to me and if I have any difficulty with the tasks, anyone is willing to help. Also I get the opportunity to work amazing events and meet new people.

Why did you want to work at SGS?

I have worked with SGS on many occasions and really enjoyed working with the shoots as they have amazing work ethic but it doesn’t feel like work, it’s more just creating projects with friends.They give amazing opportunities to young people that you maybe wouldn’t be able to get from college work experience. Everyone is so warm and welcoming and you feel at home as soon as you start working here. They have good music taste too! 

What would you like to be doing when you leave SGS?

When I leave SGS, I’m not too sure what career path I want to take but I know it will definitely be in the creative industry. Hopefully my time at SGS will make me have a clear understanding of what I would like to do in the future as my career.