Hi, I’m Callum Karim Kouzibri and I am a Project Assistant at Small Green Shoots. This is how my first week has been.


What have you liked about your first week at SGS?


Since joining I have felt extremely welcomed into the team with a friendly and bubbly atmosphere in the office. I have already learnt countless new skills from the other workers and with their guidance, I am sure I will continue to improve. I have had the opportunity to be involved in The Love-In event as my first main task which I have thoroughly enjoyed working on as I have been able to socialize with others whether that be with the Shoots or just getting in contact with other people. Research has also been something I have had to do even being shown specific sites that make my life easier. At this moment in time, I am excited to see how my time at Small Green Shoots will improve.


Why did you want to work at SGS?


A major attraction that enticed me to Small Green Shoots was their ethos and focus on helping younger people. Regardless of ethnicity, race or religion they are welcoming to all. They have also provided me with the opportunity to learn about the world of media with personal experience.


What would you like to be doing when you leave SGS?


I hope to have a clear idea of my preferred profession in media whether that being a Project Manager, Content Producer Etc. At the very least I hope to gain skills that can provide me with opportunities in the future.