March Feature List


Starting this month Small Green Shoots have started a new monthly segment called Feature List which includes highlights of  new upcoming rappers, artists, instrumentalists and other well known mainstream artists.



Kendrick Lamar

Cornrow Kenny aka Kendrick Lamar makes this months edition of Feature list after 11 nominations in total at
the Grammy Awards 2016.

Also, because of the amazing amount of work that’s recognizable from one powerful, influential artist. 7 Grammys, 4 MTV awards and with over 40 achievements recognizing his creative, artistic talents.
On Lamar’s latest studio album “to pimp a butterfly” he gorgeously merged; Jazz, Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop and Powerful Spoken Word Pottery. To create a beautiful blend of lyrical skills, musical talent and a bold voice for people to listen to.

Pharrell Williams
Pharrell Williams, a very special musical geniustumblr_nw9bhjDqBh1thflpzo1_1280-2, who has infinite potential in music production. Producer, beat maker, easily recognisable vocalist. He has multiple hands in multiple pots: including business, fashion, music and art. Funding numerous start up programs, recently releasing his latest collection of
clothing from G-star Raw this month which caught our eye, the collection is a denim material made out of recycled plastic.

Tyler, the Creator
Tyler, the creator; Genius creative, multi instrumentalist, exuberant clothing designer and a very inspirational young figure, creating many unique projects and crafting a beautiful sound that is very recognizable. Recently releasing a project with Kali Uchis, “PERFECT”, which is a reactively short video, with the two ar7705b90bfedfc1e098ba22e33897d219tists singing side by side in a immaculately shot video full of color life and love.

Exceptional Bass Guitarist, beautiful Signer and talented producer after having a very successful year
releasing his latest LP “The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam” which was featured on The 50 Best Albums of 2015 by Pitchfork also having a heavy influence in the work of Kendrick lamar’s Screen-Shot-2014-09-14-at-17.31.01“To Pimp a Butterfly” album where you can hear his vocal work and bass riffs in the background of many of the albums song structures. Also recently debuting a Untitled Song never heard before on the FBI Radio SHOW.