Mahalia Performance Review

The Small Green Shoots team was able to see the amazing young artist Mahalia, whom we have previously worked with for an artist development project, perform at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen.

Her supporting act was Brighton singer songwriter Maisie Peters. Maisie played acoustically, which was able to showcase her beautiful voice. She appeared confident on stage, charismatic and showed professionalism as she quickly moved on from a technical mistake effortlessly and interacted with the crowd.





Mahalia came to the stage performing her more recent tracks before going back to her previous songs from her earlier EP ‘Diary of Me’ from 2016 then back to performing her more recent well known songs. Mahalia performed amazingly, displaying the best part of going to smaller, more intimate gigs where she could see all her fans singing along to every word of her songs and was able to share the backstory to each one & what inspired her to write it. She was professional whilst also interacting with the crowd & integrating her personality in the performance.

It was an amazing chance to watch Mahalia live and we look forward to watching her career excel.