Lola Coca Performance – Review

This Monday, we had the amazing opportunity to catch up and coming artists, Jasper Wilde & LOLA COCA at their gig in Camden Assembly.

Jasper Wilde came to the stage with his pop mix of r&b & soul with his amazing guitar & singing skills. He was also able to seamless switch from playing the guitar to the keyboard whilst using a talk box to modify his voice.

In the second half of his set he took to slow things down with a heavy drum beat throughout as the audience were singing & dancing along with Jasper as he smiled throughout, displaying a happy attitude & in conclusion his set was a lot of fun & he gave out a lot of energy.


Lola Coca came out not much later with a blanket type shawl on draped with Japanese imagery all over it. Though listening to her music prior to attending the gig her rhyming style reminded by of Lily Allen’s Lola showed off how she slays her own flow with her fun personal aesthetic & powerful voice. Lola’s performance was a fun boisterous energy as she danced around the stage with the advantage of the stage being so close to the crowd as she later remarked she had, ‘Lost two nails with two songs to go’.



It was a great chance to find & listen to these two artists in their zone.