It’s actually in my will that when I die I’ll be cremated and the ashes will be scattered around King’s Cross. There’s nowhere else like it in London, and there never will be. I don’t want to be anywhere else.’

Billy Reilly, Club Owner, The Cross, Canvas, The Key.

Finally, The Heritage Project is on its way!

Celebrating the raving culture in Kings Cross during the 1980s, 1990s and 2000’s. The iconic clubs to host this unique and creative lifestyle were Bagleys, The Cross and The Key amongst others played host to some of the biggest DJs and musical innovators of the day.

The excitement in the ravers took them to a whole new level of passion, they took the rave music out of the underground clubs of Kings Cross and spread it all over the UK and to this day, if you listen closely, you can still hear the basslines and drum patterns of dance music in various other genres.

This 8-month project involves 30 local young explorers who will lead their own journey of understanding the history of Kings Cross’s Clubland, it’s ravers, it’s promoters, it’s DJ’s and the fashion. The young people will be involved to achieve a Bronze Arts Award and having the opportunity to stage their own launch event paying homage to the culture that paved the way for many musicians.