Keable’s Man

Sasha Keable – Man


Keable’s most recent EP – Man released April this year captures the essence of a young woman’s diary brought to life. She has been on the music scene since her teens, having worked with the likes of English electronic band Disclosure on their house single ‘voices’ in 2013 – Keable was received well, gaining a great reception and her fan base grew. She went on to release equally as successful solo singles, including ‘careless over you’.

It was apparent that Keable ghosted the creative landscapes for a few years, with no known reason. Now at 25 she has focused her energy into speaking about mental health and spreading awareness. In an interview with Jamal Edwards she explains that she was depressed ‘not being able to get out of bed for four days’. Explaining she suffers with anxiety and her struggles to cope with suicidal thoughts. She took a break from music and didn’t release anything, going on to describe how music is her escape from all that is going on in her own personal life –  she is now back with her own 4 track EP, the songs being ‘Treat Me Like I’m All Yours’ , ‘Under Your Skin’, ‘That’s the S**t’ and ‘Mr Always Impatient’. All the lyrics are surrounding her relationships with men. Her voice is soothing with the sounds of a live band behind each track – it is easy to envision a live set of her performances, with good stage production and her effortless raspy voice amongst the music from a live band. It is a splendid blend of r&b with jazz, it would be best played on a summers day, surrounded by friends at a BBQ. It truly is pleasing to the ear and it is almost impossible to grow tired even with having heard it over 1000 times on repeat, her rifts and tone matches the production perfectly.


Radio plays have been good, with BBC 1xtra and BBC radio 1 playing some of the singles from the EP. It is hoped this EP and artist get the recognition they deserve, it is worth a listen- if jazz, r&b, love songs or neo soul is your thing- be sure to bless your ears with Sasha’s vocals.