Just My Type Review

British pop rock band The Vamps who consist of Brad Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans recently released their 3rd studio album titled Night & Day.

“Just My Type” is yet another great track from their album, the upbeat nature of the song with its catchy chorus makes it perfect for the summer. The big guitar riff that makes the instrumental complimented with Brads wonderful singing voice drives the song as whole and it works out perfectly. There is no denying that they are vocally talented and have the ability to constantly produce great music. I’ve also always loved Brad’s unique voice and has a wide range of vocal abilities as we hear on the chorus.

The music video is set in the back alley streets of Morocco and it starts with Bradley spotting a girl catching his eye in a bar. The walls of the houses in the background are painted in bright colours whilst in the background the sun is beaming on the two as they wander through the village.   

During the video, we follow the pair’s journey around Morocco, and these scenes are intertwined with shots of the band performing an impromptu gig at the bar.

Will Brad and the girl be a match made in heaven? You’ll have to watch the video to find out…

The Vamps are one of the most successful British bands, achieving a huge amount of success all over the globe. The Vamps have picked up  8.4 million monthly listeners, over 2 billion streams globally and 1.7 million followers on Spotify. On YouTube, they are one of the most viewed artists accumulating with over 600 million video views. This album scored the top spot on the Official Albums Chart and also stormed into the Top 10 on iTunes in over 20 countries including , Philippines, Australia, Argentina and India.