Jorja Smith has released her new single Buss Down, featuring Shaybo. This will be the singer’s second release of this year alongside her most recent album.
The 23-year-old singer provides a smooth laid-back sound in her song, against the simple beat and bassline. The layering of her vocals and harmonies are simple but impressive.
Shaybo who features on the song adds her own flavour and tone. Her lyrical flow and melody brings out underlying tones of reggae within the song.
The execution of the visuals for this song is excellent, to say the least. Jorja plays a mechanic who is scamming one of her customers, yet her customer is naïve to the game she is playing.
Fenn O’Meally, the editor & director of the music video says “I remember the exact moment I thought about the two of them being mechanics. I’m not sure why — maybe I’ve been mansplained too many times — but it’s just very epic to see two very beautiful and powerful women completely boss a male-dominated world”
In only 3 days of her release, the video has received over 900,000 views, on YouTube. Her fans are loving her latest release and we’re sure you will too.
Buss Down is available to stream on iTunes, YouTube Music & Spotify.