Jones Artist Review

In the office, we regularly listen to music of upcoming artists, who we think will make their big break soon. So when we heard Jones’ ‘Melt’, we were hooked almost instantly! The East London┬áSinger has been making big strides in the music community since her EP, ‘Indulge’, came out, even performing at Latitude and Standon Calling Festival . Her R’n’B and Soul Sound is really enticing, creating a mellow backdrop. The Jay Prince remix of ‘Melt’ is particularly interesting, making for a fun summer track. You would expect her music to be boring and generic, as it is just another girl singing over a beat, but her voice id so intriguing and welcoming I find it hard to complain about anything.

Her new album, New skin, will be coming out this October, pre!

Listen to more of her music on Soundcloud, or just listen to her song ‘Deep’: