Joe James has produced yet another EP in January after his first album of the year, ‘BRUCE’. After a few weeks, we were blessed with his newest EP called ‘Pure Connery’. One of London’s unique sounds, I really enjoy listening to his tracks. After hard deliberation, I think my favourite song from the EP is London Tipton. The flow, soft beat with his mellow voice contrasts beautifully with the beat. Joe James music is a refresher of a sound needed in London’s underground rap scene. I found Joe’s music through KwolleM, featuring on his his EP ‘c2c’, an amazing duo.

The song ‘London Tipton’ is of course, is an ode to the fictional character in Suite Life of Cody, London Tipton. This amused me, as I never heard that referenced in songs before. The lyrics talk about how materialistic the character London Tipton. The smart word play is great and again, another reference to London Tipton – ‘posh girls screaming out yay me like London Tipton’.

Joe James production reminds me of the 90s hiphop/slow riddim beats. He even samples a bit of ‘Dust a Sound Boy’ by Super Beagle, which was also sampled in Kanye West 90s Mercy.  I am looking forward to seeing Joe James grow in 2021, not only is his work rate amazing his lyrical ability and beats are superior. You can find Joe James EP here.