Jamiroquai Performance Review

Jamiroquai at the 02

I’ll start by being honest. I hate the O2. Its so big, impersonal and contradicts the reasoning behind why I go to see live music & I want that connection, the real or imagined eye contact, the “ hearing every nuance & elaboration from the band/vocalist….Guess what. I had that last night.

The sound was great, the band tight, unindulgent- Jamiroquai sang every note to album quality, no wavering or allowances for a 25 year career needed – thank you very much. & Of course his physicality on the dance floor was slightly diminished with a recent injury, but when he did commit to those unmistakable “Space Cowboy” moves, & the crowd was in rapture. And what a crowd….
The arena was packed to the nosebleed seat rafters with 20-50 year olds there to move, groove and have a bloody good time; perfectly balancing his new album feel good tracks to “emergency on planet earth” roaring classics and everything in between… it was proved too difficult for the various generations of fans to be disappointed & it was worth the trek and usual prolonged arena security entry.
If this is the nostalgia cash cow…. sign me up for the full fat blue top.