Jamila Woods performance review

After enjoying a tasty meal at local Busaba Ethai, we headed over to Village Underground to catch the Jamila Woods show thanks to Music PR Adam Webb. Yes it was snowing, yes there was a queue, but we were confident that we’d be in for a great time once we got inside.

I had come across support act Poppy Ajudha when scrolling through YouTube channel ‘Colors Berlin’, where they showcase emerging talents from around the world, so I was excited to see her perform live. She is an excellent vocalist with a rich and quality neo-soul sound. She ended her set to a rapturous response & ended her set inviting the audience to join s protest at the home office supporting 100 female refugees.

We waited quite sometimes for the change-over. The ceiling height in this great brick venue meant coats were kept firmly on backs as the effective halo lighting gestured that Jamila was ready.


The headline instantly drew the crowds focus towards the stage. She introduced one of her more famous songs “LSD” by confirming that the song is not, in fact, about drugs but her favourite place in Chicago – Lake Shore Drive.

“Breadcrumbs” was a particular crowd pleaser, released in July of 2016, the track carries her sentiment about her grandfather losing his memory as he aged. This audience were clearly solid fans, mouthing the lyrics and enthusiastically moving to each track. Her performance and that of the band was really professional showcasing a real connection with the songs and a real stage presence.

Although the influences of Erykah Badu and Music SoulChild were a bit overpowering at times Jamila’s execution was flawless and the sparseness of the venue only complimented the show.

Overall the night was exceptionally enjoyed by the Shoots and we’re looking forward to see the growth of both Poppy and Jamila in the near future.

(Image from @jamilawoods Instagram)