Is Streaming The New Buying?

The rise and rise and rise of streaming!

We all live on YouTube, Spotify, Google Play …and we knew streaming was going to take over, but now it’s taking over the charts, well sort of.

Since YouTube was first launched in 2005, it’s had 20 music videos reaching over the 2 billion views mark. A huge amount of plays and a huge audience. Now viewers watching music videos on streaming services will help to propel artists up the charts from next month. Video views on YouTube will count towards the Official UK Singles Chart for the first time.

Dua Lipa, the most streamed female artist of 2017, earning 60m video plays for New Rules, explained the….new rules. “In the modern era artists are increasingly multi-faceted creators, with a highly developed visual sense…”. This is a significant step for the UK and ensures the Official Chart continues to be the most comprehensive and trusted chart in the UK.