Introducing Erin

About Me – Erin

I am Erin, the new Project and Admin assistant here at Small Green Shoots.


Music has unceasingly shaped the individual I have become, an agent in my life choices and passions. From the songs I sang as a 10 year old at my local community summer holiday clubs, to weekly Church Sunday school rhymes and the beats of songs on our Sony Ericsson Walkman’s creating dance routines to the Pussy Cat Dolls on the estate after school; moments of sheer joy which can still be found in the same source now as a woman in her 20’s. There really was no other career choice for me.   

Lauryn Hill is one of my all time favourite artists. I emphasise the word “artist” as the music she creates is truly a unique piece of art. 

A young female who not only wrote or co-wrote 95% of her songs, she also retold stories of her life, addressed social issues and encouraged all who listened. I remember my dad playing “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” on our sound system at home when I was a child and now I do the very same thing whilst driving to work. Multi-generational workpieces show the power and need for good music in life. Witnessing Lauryn Hill’s career and personal life merge as one and lawsuits over production/song writing credit, really intrigued me, igniting my interest in the music business. 

The “cinematic soul” Snoh Aalegra is an artist that everyone needs to have on their playlists. Even though it has been over a year since her second album, whenever I listen to a song off of “Ugh, those feels again” it feels like the first time. Snoh creates songs that you just don’t ever get tired of and we need that from time to time.