Introducing Bimbola

About Me – Bimbola


Hey, my name is Bimbola Fadairo and I’m a Junior Social Content Producer for Small Green Shoots. I love working on creative outlets that allow me to express myself, such as a podcast that I host, as well as reading books based on historical fiction. I’d say my dream job is to be able to run my own creative agency, working alongside likeminded people that have the same vision as me.


I can’t pick between the two, but the two artists that have influenced me the most are Nirvana and Evanescence. This is because during primary school, and early secondary school, I played the drums and I always played along to the song, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, and through a random YouTube search, ended up listening to ‘Bring Me To Life’, which to this day I enjoy listening to.

This is the primary reason that my favourite genre is rock. Although I love a lot of other genres such as garage, grime, afrobeats and hip-hop, rock is the one I discovered for myself through these lessons and random Google searches.

I’d say an artist that I’ve discovered recently is Billie Eilish. It’s not that I didn’t know about her before, but it’s more that I wanted to listen to her songs and albums properly to see what the hype was about. I kinda see it, I’m a fan.


What got me interested in creative agencies, was my internship at Don’t Panic. My mentor, who got me the internship, was telling me about creative agencies and the work that they do and involve themselves in. At that time, my POV of creative agencies was incredibly small, so I didn’t think that companies that deal in practically every creative field and more existed.

What I’m looking forward to the most, is applying everything that I’ve learnt so far, and showing everyone at SGS why I’m there, as well as developing myself further in every way possible.