Interview with DECO

DECO – Leading the 80’s inspired synth-pop sound – Debut EP

Pop duo Deco are making waves right now. Following their hugely infectious songs Roam and Upside Down last year, the duo have made their mark and haven’t stopped there. We were able to listen to the London based duos first EP ahead of today’s release and loved it!
Through these bizarre times, we look to these new releases and artists to add to the enjoyment and a carefree energy to the summer and this drop is a definite Summer jam.

From the cymbal crashing nostalgic 70’s vibe ‘I don’t want to feel right’ to slowing it down on ‘Beaches’ , the ‘Real Life’ EP is a great introduction to the group and we are grateful to be able to feature the band to our audience whether they’ve been a staple to your playlists or you’re just being introduced.



  1. What were the group inspirations for the EP?

Conceptually, it was inspired by facing reality and finding escapism as a result of that reality. Working through and getting away from the stresses in life and finding some kind of happiness and sense of fulfilment. The EP is kind of that journey from beginning to end. Musically this EP really takes inspiration from artists like Wham! Duran Duran, Michael Jackson – particularly rhythmically.


  1. Who they loved working with?

Our producer Raff. We’re just on the same wavelength and he instantly gets where we’re going with a song whether it’s a developed idea or one in its infancy. He helps us take a track to the next level.


  1. Any reason/message behind the EP visual?

The artwork is inspired by the title track ‘Real Life’, a song that touches on how our relationship with technology is changing the way we have relationships with people. So the artwork represents a view of what is rapidly becoming a very autonomous world, and the idea of us being influenced by technology without us really realising it.