Industry Takeover

Industry takeover Review

2017-10-02-16-15-25On Saturday I headed down to Industry Take over. The line up was Elfkid, Mista Silva, Compozers, P Montana, Vianni, New Age, Muzik, Dun D, Chipmunk and Big Zuu. I was impressed with Chipmunks capability to answer questions and explain himself about the music industry and how it works. I found the debate between Big Zuu and the fans on how “Grime has been dead since 2010” interesting because many controversial things were bought up such as, “Record Labels not caring about their       artists” and how “Trap Music has taken over the scene”, to name a few. This means, if you are an upcoming artist trying to be successful in music, the chances that you’ll make it as a grime artist is really slim.  


The set was very organised and laid back. Many jokes were said that engaged the audience and made everything entertaining rather than boring. All-in-all, it was a good experience to be apart of.