Imagine your Utopia

Utopia is an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. The term itself has gotten a bad rap over time. If someone calls your idea ‘utopian’, they often mean it as an insult; a synonym for a naive, out-of-reach, an unrealistic idea – merely an imagination.


Imagine your utopia. What do you see? Is it a world based on being kind to strangers? Is it a world free of unjust and prejudicial treatment? Is it a world free of war and conflict?


How do you envision your utopian world? Maybe it’s a world of acceptance; a world where love for humanity transcends borders and protects human life. For refugees, migrants and asylum seekers, this imagined place may be exactly as it sounds. An imagination. Something they cannot currently see. A far cry from their dystopian reality.


Take a step back from what you can currently see and imagine the world you want to see. What would your school, community, city, or the planet look like if you made the rules? Do you deem your utopia as attainable or unrealistic? Is it achievable with co-operation?


Why do we so often equate believing utopia to believing in unicorns?


What if we all stopped ignoring utopian aims and began to actively work towards them? There’s a chance we’d get closer to our utopia; to a world where love for humanity does, in fact, transcend borders and protect human life.


Have a think today. Think about some small steps you can take to make a utopian world our reality, not just an imagination.