Hearing H.E.R

The very much anticipated first UK and EU headline tour of H.E.R’s lived up to its preempted success. The location was fitting (Camden’s KOKO), being one of London’s staple locations surrounded by diversity and buzz. To witness a newly emerging artist from overseas perform in such a vibrant location added to the magic of the night.

Tiara Thomas from the famous single “Bad” performed her latest releases and warmed the crowd up, ready for H.E.R’s set.

The fact this was her first set of shows, made me feel privileged and as though I was on this journey with her, much like herself I too was scouting to see the crowds reception towards her.

Without a doubt, she’s a star. She engaged with the crowd, though intimate it felt as though I could have been in the 02 arena with the crowd’s reaction. The lighting was amazing – it was in accordance to her album cover colours, dusky blue and warm orange and her performance was effortlessly smooth. In keeping with the cool toned theme of the night, H.E.R. kept her shades on and was entranced in her craft. She was pulling off these rifts like no one I had seen before, her low-key outfit matched her laid back song production and set.

When live vocals and instruments work in cohesion seamlessly- it is just sheer bliss.

I knew every lyric to every song, alongside the other 300 or so people who too knew the lyrics word for word. H.E.R. has herself a niche fan base, I often find these are the best kind of fans- not jump on the wagon wheel simply because everybody else is, but people who truly love H.E.R. for her musical talents.

Couples were there hand in hand, in their feels, girls with their girls and groups of men really feeling the tunes and even bussin a couple moves. H.E.R is relatable and everybody can resonate with her content.

H.E.R, a gem in the sometimes warped music industry- I would suggest everybody check her out and when she tours again, ensure you witness the magic for yourself!