Harry Styles Album: Review

Harry Styles


May 12th saw Harry Styles release his eponymous debut album. It works well as the first solo material away from the ‘Harry from One Direction’ persona but without the memorability of the bands’ previous albums though it does add character to his brand of ‘the charming one’ from 1D.

The album introduces a different side to the star with the album acting as a story revolving around women and relationships, offering a more rock & alternative sound across the 10 songs.

Harry’s single ‘Sign of the Times’ is a complete turn-around from what was expected from the singer.  Especially in terms of the musical direction former bandmates, Zayn Malik & Liam Payne are moving towards.  This track is a soft rock ballad, more Bowie than boyband, with that early 90’s guitar twang throughout.

The album dips between the classic 70’s rock vibe with the head-bobbing ‘Woman’ to the slow guitar strumming of ‘Sweet Creature’.

I’m not a One Direction fan, but this album reveals a promising side to the beginning of this singer’s solo projects….