Previously on BBC’s ‘Later With Jools Holland’ and BBC 1 XTRA, the 22-year-old Hamzaa is back with a new 2021 release called ‘IN BETWEEN’ featuring Miraa May. This song screams R&B/soul and a distinct lyrical flow, the singer captivates us with her powerful vocals in the chorus, which many may have heard in passing, yet even though you may not have heard the song the melodic placement of this song resonates with the listener. The bass line of the song emulates a James bond 007 sound, possibly signifying that this song is speaking for the strong, independent women who can take care of themselves, this ties in with the music video as this it is heavily female based, and they portrayed to be undercover agents who are of high importance

The music video portrays Hamzaa as an undercover agent who is on a mission, which ties in with the message she is trying to convey in the song.


Her collaboration with Miraa May was an excellent choice as their tones complement each other however Miraa is still able to add her touch to the song.


Hamzaa sings ‘You don’t get to be my hero because I can save myself (mm-mm)’. These lyrics shout independence but also imply there is no need for a man to be the pinnacle of a female’s life, she can be independent, she can ultimately save herself.

A week after the visuals for the music video have been released it has received 82k views with 66,078 listens on Spotify. This response is just the beginning as Hamzaa’s views have always reached high numbers, but what is also admirable is that she stays true to herself in everything that she creates.


This song is available to listen to on YouTube Music, Spotify and Apple music.