GRM Daily – Together We Rise


‘Together We Rise’ is the story behind the come up of GRM Daily. The first episode of the 4-part documentary was released on the 28th September and has achieved over 23,000 views within 17 hours.


Season 1, episode 1 is titled ‘The Platform is Born’. During those 26 minutes, the founder of GRM Daily, as well as those involved in the growth of GRM daily, reflect on the come up of the platform as well as the history and evolution of UK music. Those involved consistently use the pronouns ‘we’ and ‘us’ which really brings out the sense of community and family. GRM Daily, is not just a platform for rappers and artists but is also a story of success within the Black-British community.


It’s really interesting to see how GRM Daily became a platform that people dream of being featured on. Hearing Posty talk about the difficulties and set – backs conveys the reality of how hard it is to build a platform and adds to the respect to those involved who continued to pursue. Other artists such as Wretch 32, Krept & Konan and more were also involved in this episode and gave their point of view on GRM Daily and its impact on the music industry. Ms Banks said that it was a space where she used to always ‘see a lot of new talent’.

Episode 2 is due to be released on the 1st October and we all wait impatiently to hear about ‘A Celebration, A Disaster’.