What is a ticket tout?

In a nutshell, ticket touts are individuals, companies or groups of people who buy tickets for an event to resell them at a profit.

This is usually done through secondary ticket outlets such as Get Me In and Seatwave.

Why is it a PROBLEM?

The problem that arises as a result of ticket touting is that the ticket prices often escalate out of control, for example Adele tickets that were being sold up to £24,000. This means that certain groups of people may face exclusion from the concerts of their favourite artists due to the inflated ticket prices.

All while the touts line their pockets at the fans’ expense.



Who wins?

The touts of course.

Secondary sites Get Me In and Seatwave are both owned by Ticketmaster, and so end up getting paid twice over.

Win-win, right?

Everybody wins, except for the fans.


What can be done about it?

In reality there are more than enough devoted fans that will continue to purchase tickets even at such extortionate prices.

BUT, there are anti-touting petitions that are trying to help combat the issue so feel free to get involved.

However, it is not in the interests of resale websites, which make commission on every ticket sold, to crack down on touts who flout the law.


Is it fair?

Of course not.


Is it legal?

Definitely not.


Will it stop?

Personally, as a young individual who enjoys attending the concerts of my favourite artists, the solution lies with us.

When we stop facilitating the tout’s business structure, by agreeing to pay these ridiculous prices – they will stop making money.