George Mable Gig – Review

Artist “Hoodlem” opened the show last night at Birthdays, Dalston.  She delivered a brilliant performance, effortlessly volleying between vocals & her laptop live mixing the track. Her latest track, ‘Funny Farm’ ensured my trip back home was dedicated to listening to her Spotify.

The next rapper “Jevon” switched between rapping & singing with hard-hitting beats as he charismatically interacted with the crowd before performing our favourite track, ‘Man of the hour’ from the ‘New Gen’ album’; a collection of different tracks from an remarkable collection of artists, with the infectious classic “Sinnerman” by Nine Simone on the taking up the backing track.

Headline “George Maple” came on stage to rapturous applause. George energetically, dancing across the set complimenting her equally vigorous set. She clearly has some obvious singles in her repertoire and it was good to see her experienced performance in flesh – in front of her hardcore fans – in such an intimate setting. I doubt we will get the opportunity to see her in a small-scale venue again noting her trajectory.