Today’s blog is an evaluation from one of our own Shoots, Reece, where he talks through his experience working at GearFest UK as a stage manager. Here Reece covers what was to offer at this brand-new incredible community event, which was coordinated by Bryan Borcherds (Tileyard Marketing Manager) and held in Conjunction with Sound On Sound Magazine.


GearFest UK was held on Saturday 2nd July at the music industry hub that is Tileyard in Kings Cross. The event showcased all of the newest industry standard music equipment/products. Attendees were given access to ranges of monitors, decks, Midi keyboards, Bluetooth earbuds and microphones (Dynamic/Condenser from Sonotronics)


This event featured live performances from talented Tileyard Students featuring a singer/songwriter duet and two live DJ sets. Attendees also benefitted from Ableton workshop sessions and Live Q&As from Industry professionals.


Here is a breakdown of some of the brilliant Q&A sessions that took place at GearFest UK 2022:


Careers in Music: Hosted by Kate Down featured Gavin Tempany, Nathan Hernando, Harry Leckstein and Jim Motley. In this session we covered the multiple career options in the music industry and how best to access these careers and opportunities. They also explained other avenues, such as internships, networking and studying.


Dolby Atmos: Hosted by Sam Inglis featured Myles Clark. Sam and Myles discussed the impact and progression of Dolby Atmos and its evolution since starting in the 1980s. They covered how the company branched out into creating immersive surround sound for live events.


Modern Ways to release your music: This session was with Ellie Bougie Smith (Session) and Halina Rice (Independent Artist). The main talking point of this session was the differences between major and independent labels. It can be easier to gain more experience in a smaller label in a broader sector, whereas you develop specific skills in a particular area when working at a major label.


The Secrets of Mix Engineers: Featured Producer, Sean Donoghue. He discussed past mistakes and his clear openness to gain more knowledge about his craft. His tips included “Asking questions, reaching out directly to studios, and continue to push through the mental writers block by changing your scenery.”


Meet the Manufacturers: Focusrite, Universal Audio and Audient. The talking points were short and sweet. They concluded by saying “Make sure that creatives use what they have to gain understanding of the product to push it to the best of its ability.”


Bryan had concluded by saying, “What a day for networking and meeting like-minded people.”.


Special Thanks to Bryan Borcherds the organiser, Ableton Session speakers Princess Trium, Poppy Roberts and Joni Newham, All brand partners, Sound on Sound Magazine, JBL, Yamaha, Dolby Atmos, Sonotronics, All the guest speakers, Universal Audio, Focusrite, Audient, Ableton, Tileyard Education Students and all the people within the community that came to the event