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Mental Health Education is being made compulsory in English Schools under new government plans following growing concerns about mental health problems among young people. Especially considering our Comic Relief funded campaign “FundaMentals” we think this is really positive, especially in today’s climate with the statistics of mental health cases amongst young people. Apparently, the children will be educated on various issues including, what might provoke mental health issues and how to build resilience, recognising when their peers are struggling with mental health issues….   We think having the education will demystify mental health, increase sensitivity and will instill confidence in the children to stand besides their peers who may struggle in the future.

Under government proposals, Mental Health Education will be a mandatory part of the curriculum for all primary and secondary schools from Autumn 2020. The move has been broadly welcomed by campaigners who called for personal, social and health education lessons (PSHEE) to be made compulsory to tackle the rise in mental health issues.

Our campaign “WeRFundaMentals” acts as a platform to educate and inform young people about mental health, largely in informal youth settings.  Our artist led outreach sessions provide a platform for young people to express their anxieties and concerns through creativity.