From Ramsgate with Love: Ramsgate Pop Up Summary

We started off the day with heading to St Pancras Station at around 8:15am to catch our train to Ramsgate, with one stop over at Ashford International. Once we touched down in Ramsgate,  Yovan, Curtis and I headed straight to our first interview with Michael who is the founder of The Sarah Thorne Theatre and the rest of the team went to our office space called Air Arts which is located just off of the Harbour which was kindly hired out to us by Madeline Wright.

Throughout the day Nat, Nik and Con were in and out of the office back and forth to meetings with various artists and organisations, some being; Looping the Loop festival and Ramsgate Music Hall.

Yovan, Shyanne and Josh were also out and about town and getting their steps in to film some vox – pops (See definition below)

vox pop


uk informal UK  /ˌvoks ˈpop

  • The opinions of people recorded talking informally in public places
  • a broadcast for radio or television in which people going past in a public place are asked their opinion on a particular subject


Later that evening we went to the beach to play some footy, soak up the less polluted salty Ramsgate air and go for a swim (only Curtis took part in this activity). We de-sanded our feet, headed over to The Royal Victoria Pavilion for drinks, and then to La Magnolia for some lovely Italian cuisine which is right on the harbour and had a perfect view of the solar eclipse (of a heart) and all had a well-deserved rest!

Overall, it was a great day and lovely to meet a variety of different people from different arts organisations… Keep an eye out on our socials because we have a lot of content coming soon!