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For Sama

Written by Nicky Ojomo


‘For Sama’ is a truly heart breaking and insightful documentary film told by Waad al-Kateab. Over 5 years, she uses her camera to film the uprising in Aleppo, Syria, all the while falling in love, getting married and having a child – Sama.

The film captures incredible stories of loss, laughter and survival. Some scenes make for very uncomfortable viewing but this is the tragic reality for many people. If we can not bear to watch it, can you even imagine what it would be like to live through?

As ‘For Sama’ is shot on Wadd’s hand held camera, it gives the viewer a real sense of the chaotic surroundings in which she is trying to survive – it feels intimate, like watching a vlog.

Wadd has an impossible choice to make– whether or not to flee the city to protect her daughter’s life, when leaving means abandoning the struggle for freedom for which she has already sacrificed so much.

I really couldn’t recommend this multi award-winning film more. Especially during Refugee Week.

Please try to put yourself in the shoes of a Syrian refugee, as hard as it may be. Imagine living in a war zone, forced to flee for your life, often traveling in the most horrendous conditions to arrive in a foreign country, only to be meet with animosity. We must do better.