Focus On The Good

Amidst the panic and self-isolation that has emerged worldwide during the coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to take the time to highlight the positive effects that have come from the outbreak as a break from the bleakness.

Spotify have taken the opportunity to launch a new COVID-19 Music Relief project, helping connect musicians and other music professionals in need of funding. Spotify is donating money to the project’s first partners: Non-profits PRS Foundation, Help Musicians and MusiCares, and will match donations made via the project’s webpage dollar-for-dollar for up to a total Spotify contribution of $10 million.Spotify Pledges Up to $10M To Support Artists Amid Coronavirus ...

Glastonbury Festival has donated medical supplies – including thousands of litres of hand sanitiser, gloves and face masks – to the emergency services. The music industry has launched a campaign (#LoveRecordStores) to help independent record stores survive amid the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s not just Spotify and the music industry coming together to support one another, football clubs like Liverpool FC have their stewards volunteer at supermarkets in a bid to help crowd control and support the elderly. Chelsea FC has opened thier own club hotel for NHS staff for free with owner Roman Abramovich covering all costs.



It’s a great reminder that people are out there fighting back using their very own resources and money to help others. Let’s not fall into a negative mindset: stay positive and if you believe there’s something you can do even if it helps just one person do it.