Drug Testing at Festivals and City Centres?

Due to the increase of death by recreational drugs. The Royal Society for Public Health is encouraging all music festivals to provide drug testing facilities for people to find out what their substances contain.


Drugs are evolving as years are moving and this is having a great effect on the strength. Some users are unaware of how dangerous these drug levels are which is causing a great increase in drug deaths in England and Wales. Deaths due to drugs such as ecstasy have risen from 10 in 2010 to 57 in 2015 and still increased in 2016.

We all accept that no level of illegal drug is safe. But, giving people the opportunity to check the content and strength of these drugs may lessen its use. RSPH are right when they suggest introducing these drug checking facilities not only in festivals but city centres where busy club users may find useful.


Drug safety testing isn’t entirely new. It was carried out last summer as two festivals with the help from local police and public health. Following RSPH’s research one in five users got rid of the drug once they knew what it contained. Eight festivals in the UK will be offering drug safety testing facilities including Reading and Leeds festivals.


This intention is supported by the greater number of clubbers and festival-attendants.