>Project Summary

The ‘Enter Euston’ advert is a project that aims to present the changes and development in Euston from a young person’s perspective.
It also intends to encourage more young people to come to Euston and to highlight the great things that are happening in the area.

We want to make a parody-style documentary that will platform the businesses that make Euston, developing stronger partnerships and connections
in the area and revealing the community to those travelling through. This project will showcase the experiences of young people and reveal their opinions
on recent changes to their local area. It will also involve training opportunities for young people.

‘Enter Euston’ is supported by HS2’s Euston Creates Engagement Project. Euston Creates is supporting high-quality artistic projects that inspire the existing community,
spark interest from new audiences and are led by the ideas and interests of local young people in collaboration with artists.

There are three themes that form a creative framework for the Euston Creates Engagement Project, and the theme that forms the basis of this project is:


>Negotiating Change

Changes that have physical, social, and cultural effects taking place in the area. This theme encourages project ideas that explore the positive effects of change
– testing how it can be used as a catalyst to challenge fixed systems and thinking and identifying ways in which local young people can benefit from it.
This could include projects that explore design, architecture, local histories and archives, among others.


>About Small Green Shoots

Small Green Shoots is a youth-led charity offering an alternative to the conventional system for education, training, and entry into the jobs market.
We help young people facing difficult life circumstances gain access to the entertainment and creative industries through paid classroom learning,
vocational training, internships, and access to creative grants.

It’s in this way, Small Green Shoots has established itself as a trusted partner to a wide variety of music and creative businesses, empowering them to diversify their workforce.

Through careful planning, resilience and accumulation of reserves through grants, donations and commercial activity, we managed to support and retain all of the Shoots
throughout the pandemic. We ensured that they were paid, had a routine and mentorship throughout this emotionally and economically challenging time.

This ability to look at the Shoots entire needs both at home and work, really allow us to help them on the right path for life.


Videographer / Video Artist

Location: Euston, North London.

Contract Basis: 1-week, Full time during the project (3 days of shooting and 4 days of editing, subject to change).

Salary: £1900.00

Reporting To: Small Green Shoots Head of Content & Programme Manager


Job Summary

The role will be suited to someone who thrives working in a fast-paced environment shooting as well as editing content to accurately reflect the project’s brief.

We are also planning on training and supporting young people during this project which is in line with Small Green Shoots’ ethos of helping young people
progress in their retrospective field.

The final advert will be uploaded on Small Green Shoots social’s which would include Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

The final advert will also be given to the client HS2 who aims to share the video more widely as part of ‘Euston Creates’ (location TBC).


Main duties and responsibilities

  • Brainstorm and present creative brief for video.
  • Work with a team of young people to develop and storyboard a creative plan.
  • Work with Small Green Shoots and HS2 for advice, feedback and to sign off the final advert.
  • Record footage.
  • Ensure that equipment is present and working.
  • Edit footage postproduction.
  • Coordinate all activities and materials for the project with SGS Head of Content.
  • Ensure content can be reposted across social media channels (including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).



  • Ideally local to the Camden and Euston area.
  • Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills and be fluent in English.
  • Hitting deadlines efficiently, working to a brief and communicating with the client.
  • Experience working with and supporting young people.
  • Experience as a videographer/video artist.
  • Have experience using a drone with valid documents to be able to use it – this is desirable, not essential.
  • Significant on-set experience, including strong editing skills.
  • Demonstrate excellent knowledge and skills in video production.
  • A strong understanding of the many social platforms operated for uploading content and necessary technical requirements for upload.
  • Able to contribute new ideas, technique, and feedback to the client.


How to apply

Please provide a CV and Cover Letter expanding on your previous experience that relates to this role and your interest in the project,
as well as a link to a portfolio of work (maximum of 3 examples) to leah@smallgreenshoots.co.uk by Wednesday 17th March 2021.


Zoom interviews will take place on Wednesday 24th March 2021.