Emerging South East London rapper and singer ENNY comes to the scene with her empowering new single ‘Peng Black Girls’. Originally featured with unsigned artist Amia Brave, the remix features the established Jorja Smith and fellow label mate under FAMM.

Within the first few seconds of listening, I recognized the instrumentals and background vocals of ‘Angie Stones – Pissed Off’. Slowed down with the added beats and jazzy flow it brings forward a more slick and immersive sound which just enhances the punch of ENNY’s opening bars. It reminds me of being younger and waking up to my mum playing her ‘Mahagony Soul’ album throughout the house on a Sunday morning. The song is relatable and showcases the thoughts and feelings of this demographic in today’s society. ‘Peng Black Girls’ is a song of empowerment to the black girls, specifically Black British girls.

This is further highlighted in the music video with shots outside the estates showcasing mothers, grandmother, dark-skinned women, and a rich culture; ‘Peng Black Girls’ takes aim at the issues within society and media who look down on women’s skin beyond a certain shade and features not considered ‘beautiful’ and provides those women with a spotlight and confidence.

Speaking on the track Enny said, “PBG was written from a place of my subconscious. Looking at my family, friends, or even random women and just thinking wow, society and your own culture will tell you you’re not beautiful because your skin is a certain shade, or your features don’t look a certain way. Now looking back at it, PBG was the beginning of me not caring and just being happy as I am…a complicated British Nigerian girl from southeast London with some very African features.” (voice-online.co.uk)

Both versions of the song are beautiful and provide different perspectives of the same journey and we want to rally behind singers like Amia, ENNY, and Jorja as more women like them are provided the same and more platforms in the music industry as we go forward.

Amia currently has a single out called ‘Sweet Love’ and is working on the visuals for it so be sure to check it out.

In addition, ENNY is certainly an artist on the rise to be sure to keep watch in 2021, and if you haven’t checked out her previous songs already out be sure to do so.

All artists and their respective tracks are available on music platforms Apple Music, Spotify, etc and we look forward to updating you with their releases.