Secondary School Experience


These 4 walls will bring you the best and worst memories. Tears & Laughter. There would be days where I believed some teachers woke up with an agenda of ‘who shall I pick on today?’ and it definitely showed in the way they would chuck around behaviour points and detentions like a game of hot potato. But let’s be real, the educational system is geared to mold you into an employee and I say this because it is designed to teach you how to get a job, be a doctor or lawyer for instance and never about money. They want you to learn how to be submissive because having a voice was considered disrespectful. 


You’d think school would be preparing you for the future but that’s not the case at all. Knowledge that we needed in life wasn’t provided. 


We should have been taught: 

‘How to use a debit card’ 

‘What is credit?’

‘What is a mortgage?’

But instead we were learning how to perfect long division as if I was going to be in Tesco pulling out pen and paper to find out my total expense? 


The educational system is outdated! Yet at some point in life, you’ll be wishing to go back in time to these days.