At Small Green Shoots we’re all about developing young people and helping them along their way to success, so it is with great pride that we share with you the beginning of Edgars’ youtube journey.
Edgars is a talented young shoot here at Small Green Shoots. He has opened his YouTube channel and invites everyone to follow his journey.
The channel is all about music, he describes it as ‘an Independent Artist’s Guide to the music industry’. Edgars is using the things he has learnt and continues to learn at Small Green Shoots to kick start his music career and make helpful videos for young emerging musicians who are looking for a way in the music industry. The Channel features different kinds of reviews and interviews from music industry events and professionals, guitar videos (guitar solos, covers, original songs) as well as vlogs from his trips.
“With my channel, I would like to encourage everyone to look beyond society’s norms and pursue what is dear to them by doing the things that they love!” – Edgars
Let’s help Edgars to build a platform where he can share his musical journey.