Donmar Theatre – King Cross


Yesterday (October 13th)  We went to the brand spanking new Donmar Theatre in Kings Cross to watch “The Tempest”. It was a really good experience – something that I have never experienced before. The theatre had a prison theme and the performance started as soon as we were lining up. There were guards telling us where to go and inmates that would pass us to get to the stage area.

At first the act was really confusing and lost my attention a few times however, half an hour later I was hooked. The best part of the play for me was the musical near the end. It was really well done and the lighting effects were on-point.

The only let down about the experience was; it was a 2hour show with no breaks and, if you had left to go to the toilet, you would not be let back in.  A lot of my time was spent thinking about the bathroom!

The Tempest was a really enjoyable play, as long as you don’t need the toilet….