Donae’o Performance – Review

Last week it we went to XOYO for Donaeo’s first headline gig. It was very exciting because he is someone whose’s music was a part of our childhood with classic hits and production in the genre of funky house.

As my only second time at XOYO, the main thing I can applaud is that the DJ’s are amazing with the hits constantly rolling out, getting the crowd hyped and dancing on the floor with a wide range of music genres.

The first act was Belly Squad who performed their own tracks & again later alongside Donae’o, though the latter was a lot more involved with Donaeo’s level of high energy acting to bring up the crowd & apparently the group compared to the usual walking around the stage rapping at the audience from their first set.

Later Donae’o came to stage showing off that after so many years he can still get the crowd going & the production still sounding fresh. He was melodic in his rapping & singing skills displaying the best of every song, especially his song ‘I’ which I hadn’t heard prior but wished I had.

Donae’o also brought on an amazing range of supporting acts such as Rico Squeeze who was great, someone I wouldn’t usually listen to but the inclusion made me interested in who he was as an artist & any other tracks he had released.

In conclusion, Donae’o did an amazing job with his first headlining show & made you realise how underrated he is, but not without the respect of his fellow artists & his fans calling out the iconic name.