Discovery 2 Showcase – 28/5/15

Yesterday, we head down to the Discovery 2 Showcase at 229 The Venue to check out some new upcoming talent and one act definitely impressed us! 

Having not been to a rock/alternative gig in a while, we didn’t quite know what to expect when we walked in. The venue was an instant tick with its intimate underground feel and dim lighting. It wasn’t massive and not tiny either – just perfect for a showcase of its kind. I would say however, there weren’t enough people within the venue and it appeared to be quite empty which is a shame because the talent was great and definitely worthy of anyones time! We were particularly impressed with ‘Indigo Face’ who performed 4 of their tracks including newly release single ‘Fearless’. The group had great chemistry and introduced a new and unique sound. Unfortunately, before beginning their set, there were some technical issues which meant the venue was silent for a few minutes. Had there been background music playing, I think it would have improved the experience. However overall, it was a cool and trendy way to put forward upcoming musicians and we enjoyed it!