Platinum-selling trio Nathan, Gavin and Luke of Disciples are back with another groovy dance track “Solid Gold”, featuring BSHP – a newcomer on the British pop-scene. As their second song released under the Ministry of Sound label, and following “Whisper” – their pure electric collaboration with James Yuill, Disciples don’t show any sign of slowing down.

With BSHP’s voice glimmering over a thumping bassline, this track instantaneously transforms your kitchen light into a disco ball and your living room to a dance floor. As the layers build, Nathan’s resounding voice ignites the room (and your hearts) with euphoria before bringing us back with a breakdown that radiates classic deep-house energy, only to lift us up onto cloud-9 again with a striking end-chorus.

The simplistic, yet effective and joyful music video for “Solid Gold” was directed and shot by Glashier. It features Kurdish longboard dancer Jikal showing off her moves in slo-mo, riding along the roads of Berlin on a sunny afternoon. Her pale-gold jacket glimmers in the light as the evening is dawned upon. Fitting perfectly with the meaning of the song, Nathan describes the track as being “about knowing love will be amazing even before meeting that person. It’s that feeling of playing something over and over in your head, and feeling that what you could have together will be perfect.” – We Rave You

Disciple’s very own “Solid Gold” is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms, or to watch on YouTube.